API versionning strategies


API are like any other programmed systems : they evolve during time, either with bugfixes or feature addition. There is a roadmap that can eventually bring to a backward compatibility break to ensure proper evolution regarding new features.


Versionning is important, mainly to provide your API clients ways to ensure they use the proper version regarding their needs.

Few ways : - Domain name : https://v4.your-api.com - URI prefix : https://your-api.com/api/v4 - Query string : https://your-api.com/api/?v=4.0.0 - Custom HTTP header : X-API-Version: 4.0.0 - Accept HTTP header : Accept: application/vendor.app.your-app+json; version=4.0.0

Keep as the rule of thumb than changing URLs are generally bad idea. HTTP headers are the way to go. Below is a configuration possibility for the Accept header.

FOSRestBundle configuration for Accept header

2 keys to add to FOSRestBundle configuration : versionning and view:meme_types


You need to tell FOSRestBundle you are using versionning in your app :

    enabled: true
      media_type: # Accept header
        enabled: true
        regex: '/(v|version)=(?P<version>[0-9\.]+)/'

Of course, you an freely adapt the regex to your needs.

Add MIME type

As you can see above, the MIME type you send is now custom (application/vendor.app.your-app+json; version=4.0.0). You need to tell FOSRestBundle to accept it :

      json: ['application/json', 'application/json;version=1.0', 'application/json;version=2.0']

For the sake of brevity, I just put the matching configurations key with Accept header.

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